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Policies and Agreements

Extended Stay and Daycare Pricing Policy

Our Extended Stay Policies: POSH by Lucky Puppies charges $75 per the night for Extended Stays plus a $50 Daycare charge ($125 total). If your pet is picked up BEFORE 10am on day of pick-up, you will not be charged for the additional last $50 of Daycare. If you pick-up your pet AFTER 10am, a $50 Daycare service will be charged.

Our Service Hours and Pricing Policies: If you are unable to pick up before 6pm on your scheduled day of pick-up, you will incur an additional charge of $75 for that night, and will be required to pick up before 10am the following day.

POSH By Lucky Puppies Day Care Cancellation Policy

The client agrees to pay a $50.00 cancellation fee for any Daycare appointment that is cancelled with less than a 48-hour notice. Please call POSH by Lucky Puppies if you have questions about this policy. If you have credits on your account, the fee will be adjusted accordingly. We understand emergencies happen; however, if you cancel more than three (3) times per year with a late notice, on the fourth cancellation you will be charged the full amount for Daycare $50.00.

Trial Day Agreement

Trial day is required for all first time pups for a $50 fee. If your pup is not a good fit, seems unhappy or not being social we will be glad to refund the fee. POSH is a safe and fun environment. If your pup is unable to follow simple directions, display aggressive or behavioral issues we will not refund the fee. If any issues develop please stay close to your phone as we may need to call you to pick up early.

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