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Pawsitively Thrilled! Glowing Testimonials from Our Posh Family!

At Posh by Lucky Puppies, there's nothing that delights us more than receiving feedback from happy dogs and their humans. Take a peek at what our Posh family has shared about their time with us. Their enthusiastic barks and wagging tails say it all!

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"Dear Jennifer,

I'm sitting here realizing that less than two weeks post knee replacement surgery,  I'm in no shape to travel. I am so sorry to miss the  grand opening of Posh by the Lucky Puppies. but I know you are in for a lifetime of success.  What a beautiful facility that will always be in pristine condition. That’s just the way you operate! Please allow me to brag on you just a bit!

Seems like just a short time ago you were starting to become acquainted with pet sitting, and as I recall, Hank was the  first baby you took on full time. (Hank is now almost 11!) Of course Jesse and Wyatt got the advantage, too,  because they, were Hankie’s big brothers. They too, got your snuggles, attention, and play time, daily as I went back to work teaching school after getting Hank as four month old rescue pup over Christmas vacation. That job  was supposed to last until summer. Haha. It went on to include the next full school year, and lots of week long vacations for all our family’s  dogs, as well as our own. We just couldn't end a good thing until you moved to Florida! And look at you now!

I'm pretty sure that my three amigos gave you, in one experience , the wide range of opportunities  you needed for your dog career, each having his own personality and idiosyncrasies. Wyatt, the stubborn little wiggle butt, Jesse  the escape artist from the small space in the corner where the fences didn't meet in the backyard, and Hank your over the top, loud mouth, energy packed, food obsessed, smiley faced, all boy pup. As an ABC certified dog trainer, I was also able to share with you so many tricks of the trade and give you access to some of my trainer acquaintances, to not only make dealing with my dogs a little easier,  but also provide you information that I feel sure you’ve have been able to pass on to your clients. Yes, we provided your crash course in dog handling. You learned so much so fast! Baptism by fire! And wow, how you grew! !

We all came to love you, Jennifer, and then your sweet Bella, so very much. I loved having her stay with us while you got settled in Florida. Of course we hoped you wouldn’t like it, and come back to us! But, Florida is lucky to have you, and lucky to have Posh by the Lucky Puppies. You will always be part of our family and we wish you the very best in your new adventure. You come HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Lots of love,
Sharon and George

Sharon S.

"I was in desperate need of finding a daycare that I could trust Teddy at, and with him still being a puppy and less than 7 pounds, I was worried about finding somewhere that would truly take care of him like their own. Posh by the Lucky Puppies has been just that. Jennifer has been incredible with Teddy and he adores seeing her every week. I know when I bring him there he’s always in good hands. I’m sad to be moving away, because I know it’s going to be hard to find a daycare as special, personalized, and attentive as this one. If you’re wondering if you should bring your puppy here, do it!"

Megan P.

"Jennifer has been caring for Sadie for 4 years now, starting with dog sitting moving into daycare. She is absolutely wonderful and her idea on daycare has been so amazing. I am not a fan of the bigger boarding like huge daycares. So when I first heard of her concept - I was very excited. Now after about two years of daycare I'm even more pleased. Experiencing first- hand 4 days a week how she has put it into action. Now I have two dogs bringing our second. Maya, into the family has been even easier because we rescued her and our trust for Jennifer. Maya feels safe.  I’m more than impressed. 

Jennifer is extremely passionate about what she does you can tell how much she cares and how much is willing to go over and beyond. I travel quite frequently and because of her location she is unable to do boarding at this time. So that is a bummer. I hope one day she can expand and to be able to offer this
care because there is no one else out there I trust more with my dogs and it stops me from being able to travel the multiple days a month that my job requires."

Dawn H.

10/10!! We have only trusted our first dog (ever) with Posh for more her whole life - over three years. We have busy, constantly-changing schedules so we appreciate the hours and flexibility of Posh; usually you can only get that with a ‘chain’ or really big places.

There are lots of options for doggie day care; even though some places are closer, maybe have longer ‘open’ hours and/or cost less, there’s just not a price you can put on the feeling of security and the personal touches you get at a smaller place like Posh.

Only Posh makes us actually feel good about dropping off our dog off for the day.  We know at Posh she’s cared for, safe, and has as much fun during the day (if not more!)

This is my first dog so I read a bunch of reviews of other places (scary, sad and just yuck!) and did A LOT of research - we don’t regret our decision and don’t plan on taking our dog anywhere else. Seriously!

Teddi S.

"I have been a client of Posh by Lucky Puppies for over a year and absolutely love the service and atmosphere of this boutique doggie daycare center.  The uniqueness of a small environment, tailored to both small and large dogs, and loving care that Jen demonstrates to all her dogs is above and beyond what I have experienced before.  Each day, when I say to my dog, “let’s go see your friends”, he bolts downstairs and pulls me the whole way to the door.  He’s well taken care of, loved, and I know he’s had a good day when he comes home and is content to lay next to me, worn out from a good day of play with his friends.  He has overcome some behavioral issues inherent to his small stature, and is more social now than ever.

Many of Jen’s clients have been with her for years, and the pack of dogs seems to be consistent from week to week, with new ones being added periodically.  I would love to see her business expand and yet remain in Dunedin."

Kelly M.

"Our puppy loves going to Posh daycare, and always has so much fun playing with the other dogs all day. Jen is the best! She always offers solutions to any issue our pup is having, and truly cares about the health and happiness of all the dogs in her care."

Kym J.

"We started sending our puppy (Charlie) here a few months ago and it has been really great for him. He’s much more social now around other people and dogs. The location is super convenient for us and Jennifer is really good with all the dogs. It’s like a classroom full of kids. She has activities and rest time, and all the dogs seem to be really happy all the time 😁."

Clay C.

"Jen does a great job with our pups, and they are always so excited to hang out and play with the gang. Since Jen vets all the dogs and only let's in a max of 15, we know our pups are safe and happy. I would definitely recommend Posh by the Lucky Puppies for your daycare or boarding needs."

Kathleen G.

"I highly recommend Lucky puppies for your daycare needs.  The owner Jen loves all the dogs she cares for and you can tell she takes proud and care in watching your little loved ones.  My dog Riley loves going to daycare at times, he doesn't even want to come home with me.  What makes this daycare so special is the personal attention given to all the dogs and the owners.  Its like leaving your puppy with your family member, which for my daughter and I, is the most important aspect. If your looking for a cozy, loving environment for your special pup then I recommend you visit Lucky Puppies."

Kathleen G.

"To say Fiona & Shamus adores their time at Posh by Lucky Puppies is an understatement! They are screaming of excitement the moment our car pulls into the driveway. We know Fiona and Shamus are well taken care of, looked after, played with and LOVED while they are at Posh for their weekly daycare visits.  It’s not unusual to receive a text from Jennifer, the owner / operator, with updates and pictures of our babies.

The environment is high quality, well maintained and very safe for all types/breeds/ages of dogs.

The new location in Clearwater is nothing but stellar.  We are greeted every morning with a smile.  Fiona and Shamus just want to rush in and play with their friends. Thank you always for taking such wonderful care of our fur-babies."

Wendy C.

"Jennifer is the best when it comes to taking care of my Symba. From our first visit she made us feel like family. Posh is not your average doggie daycare it's a place that your puppy will feel loved and come home exhausted from a fun day of playing with friends. I love me some Jennifer and if you want a place where you can trust and know that your puppy is being treated just like you would then this is the place. Jennifer has also kept my pup over night and it just melts my heart to know I can leave town and he is being taking care of and not sitting in a crate or around hundreds of other dogs and not being looked after. Thank you Jennifer we are forever family."

Atecia Y.

"This place is amazing! My dogs love it here. Jennifer is so good with my fur babies and treat them like her own. The price may be a bit higher than your typical doggie day care but so worth it. The atmosphere as well as all the amenities my dogs have to play with, ballbpit, outside obstacles to play on.  and comfy inside couches and doggie beds for nap time as well as tv to watch. This is the only place my dogs will go period."


"We would recommend Jen of Posh by Lucky Puppies to anyone who is looking for reliable and kind person to care for their pets.  We absolutely trust Jen with our two dogs whether it’s during their weekly visits or when we are out of town. The both of us have a peace of mind knowing our girls are in good hands.

My dogs are not easy to befriend and Jen had managed that on our first meet and great. We had only had our girls for 2 months when meeting Jen. She reassured us our dogs would be able to fit into her pack without any problems. She was right!! Now they look forward to seeing her and their friend’s a couple times a week. It’s a joy to see big grins on my dog faces and waging tails when we arrive for daycare.

We would not hesitate to recommend Jen of Posh by Lucky Puppies for pet sitting, caring, or walking anyone’s pet.  If we were looking for someone to help me with my dogs, which are like my children, we would trust Jen to care for them.

It would be great to see her business grow and expand with the ability to board dogs as my husband and I travel for work, much being at the last minute. We are always at ease when Jen is taking care of our two dogs especially seeing how happy they are when they come home from daycare."

Lisa W. & Reuben C.

"I am writing to say how much my dog enjoys coming to Posh by Lucky Puppies. My dog always gets excited to come and see Jennifer and his friends. The reason I chose this daycare over others is the personal attention the dogs receive here. I trust Jennifer to take great care of my dog which is hard to find these days. Most daycares have way too many dogs and not enough qualified staff to oversee them. The dogs aren't all crowded together in a one small room which I like. Jennifer understands dog body language and gets to know each dog's quirks. If there is ever an issue, she will let you know. I would recommend this daycare to anyone looking for a small and personalized play group. I have seen the potential and growth from when we started coming and Jennifer has great ideas for the future to make it even better."

Debby T.

"Two years ago we adopted Abby! She had been left in a field 😥. She really didn’t know how to be a dog. She has been coming here for over a year and a half and can’t wait to get inside 😊 to play with her friends. Very socialized now!! Jennifer kept her while we went on vacation and I’m positive Abby didn’t want to come home!"

Gail B.

"Two years ago we adopted Abby! She had been left in a field 😥. She really didn’t know how to be a dog. She has been coming here for over a year and a half and can’t wait to get inside 😊 to play with her friends. Very socialized now!! Jennifer kept her while we went on vacation and I’m positive Abby didn’t want to come home!"

Gail B.

"Our Goldendoodle, Tucker, really enjoys being with other dogs. This daycare allows him to have social time while we’re working and helps with any reactivity to other dogs so we can take him to more places. Jennifer clearly loves the animals and we’ve even leveraged her services for overnight stays. Would totally recommend."

Erika I.

"Jen is wonderful! She treats all the pups as they were her own. She is very knowledgeable and insures a perfect fit with a wet and great alone. She has definitely put her touch on the daycare! My puppies can’t wait to go home ONLY to go to bed! I highly recommend Jen!"

Lisa W.

"Jennifer has created a truly amazing experience for dogs!  It’s like Dog Heaven at Posh, with the cutest decor and dog friendly furniture, toys and activities.  My dog has a blast, he makes new friends and comes home completely played out.  Before coming to Posh, he had leash aggression and was a bit aggressive with puppies, with Jen’s skills, he has overcome these issues.   Definitely check it out and treat your dog to a fun day of play and love!  ❤️"

Kelly M.

"Jennifer was absolutely fantastic. My pup is not exactly the easiest to deal with and she treated him like one of her own.  Whether it was just a day care day or overnight boarding, we trusted Jennifer fully with our lab and knew he’d be taken care of. I would 100% recommend her to anyone in the area that is looking for someone  trustworthy to watch their pup."

Braden B.

"We have been taking our dog to Jen's three days a week for the past year. She loves dogs and knows each of their personalities. Our dog has so much fun when she spends the day with her pack of friends and Jen. Jen's new place in Dunedin is great, she definitely made it a fun place for the dogs to play together all day. Jen is very reliable and goes above and beyond caring for all the dogs."

Brian H.

"Kaia has been attending for about 3 weeks now 3-4 days a week. This maniac pup is much more well behaved. Comes home and sleeps through the night and is no longer annoying her older dog sister or human sister! Jennifer and Tom are amazing and work with you to make doggie daycare transition easy and successful for all human and dogs involved! Thank you!!"

Sara W.

"Jen is fantastic. We have entrusted Jen at Posh with our two girls for day care and are ecstatic we chose to do so. (Our trust does not come lightly.) Not only do we trust Jen completely with our girls, she is professional and reliable. My schedule tends to change at the last minute and Jen is always responsive and works around my schedule.

My girls love going to daycare at Posh, the minute we pull up, they start whining to get out of the car and when I open the car door, they run straight to the front door to go play!!

Jayme F.

"Jennifer came to my rescue when I had to go back to work. My doberman puppy had been home with family for months (Due to Covid I was working from home). Going back to the office caused bad separation anxiety for him. Jennifer did amazing with him at doggy day care. He is always so excited when I drop him off and super tired when I pick him up 😂. I would highly recommend her for your furry family🐾🐾❤❤."

Sonya A.

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